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September 7, 2022

Isahit has a brand new look!

September 7, 2022

Discover the story of our new visual identity, whose curves and colors embody our values and our vision!

A little background... a look at our core value

Our missions


To help HITers gain autonomy, self-confidence, and encourage them to develop professional projects that are important to them.


Train HITers to carry out our clients' AI projects but also prepare them for the world of work with a comprehensive training catalog (marketing, social networking tools, accounting, entrepreneurship...)


Accompanying both HIters by offering them a supplemental income, as well as a personalized project monitoring; but also customers in their outsourcing approaches more ethical by ensuring a follow-up and support in the realization of their projects


Accelerate the development of AI with positive impact by participating in the change of view on outsourcing, and by offering intuitive and easy to use tools

Our vision :

Bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

Isahit's added value:

A workforce with a wide variety of profiles, multicultural and multilingual, enabling us to meet specific and varied needs.

Say Hello to the new isahit

After months of reflection, we are proud to present our new visual identity, whose curves and colors embody our values and our vision: to make the link between artificial intelligence and human intelligence and to place the human at the heart of our brand.


Leaving the blue, a bit cold and frozen to get closer to warm colors, which embodies the human, dynamism, communication, enthusiasm and motivation.

The symbol :

The symbol, the three dots, refers to the triptych formed by the customers, the team and the HITers. Together they form a real team.

The curves that surround them symbolize the idea of a workknow, a permanent movement between the members of the triptych.


The dot to embody transparency, one of our core values. We communicate on our values, our business model, our victories but also our mistakes because it is thanks to exchanges and feedbacks that we surpass ourselves! Isahit.

We hope that our new identity speaks to you and we invite you to learn more about our clients, our community or our team !

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