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July 18, 2022

Isahit joins the Best For The World B Corp

July 18, 2022

Isahit joins the Best For The World B Corp

Out of 5,000 certified B Corporations worldwide, isahit is among the top 5% in the area of governance impact! 

This is a recognition that makes us incredibly proud and it is also an opportunity to review our commitments and share with you the initiatives and best practices that led us to this beautiful "Best For The World" nomination. 

What is B Corp certification? 

The "B Corp" certification is a certification for companies that meet societal and environmental requirements, governance and transparency to the public. 

In order to obtain this certification, each company must use the B Corp tool, the B Impact Assessment, and evaluate the impact of its business model around these 5 pillars: Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. In order to be certified and then maintain certification, a company must obtain a minimum score of 80 points (out of 200). 

Today, there are more than 5,000 certified B Corp companies of all sizes and in all sectors in 80 countries united by a common goal: to build an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system.

What is Best for the World? 

Best for the World is an award given annually by the B Lab to certified B Corp companies whose verified B Impact Scores in the five areas of community, customer, environment, governance and employee impact rank in the top 5% of all B Corp companies in their category. 

"Each edition of Best for the World is an opportunity to raise the bar on how companies can and should operate to create real and lasting positive impact for their workers, customers, communities and the environment," said Dan Osusky, head of standards and insights at B Lab Global. 

"While no company is perfect and even the best companies can and should continue to strive for improvement, the B Corps recognized as Best For The World can provide all of us - standards bodies, B Corps, non-B Corps, and sustainability advocates - with inspiration on what true business leadership can look like to make progress on our current global challenges."

How did isahit become Best For The World in the area of governance? 

We owe this great recognition to the daily efforts of our teams to generate a positive impact with each of our stakeholders.

Our community of HITers : 

In creating isahit, Isabelle Mashola and Philippe Coup Jambet wanted to reach out to socio-economically disadvantaged women around the world and offer them, through a digital platform, the possibility to work remotely, part-time, earn additional income, increase their digital skills through free training and exchange with a caring community around the world. 

In order to support our community of HITers (HIT = Human Intelligence Tasks), we have put in place different schemes: 

Isahit digital academy:

Isahit has developed in April 2021, a complete and varied training program, more than 40 trainings are available on the platform (from trainings related to computer vision to SEO through social networks).

Isahit has also developed external partnerships in order to offer even more training courses, in particular the "Career Coaching" and "Digital Marketing" courses with L'Oréal, Makesense and Empow'her. 

And concretely? 

  • Since 2017, isahit has accompanied more than 2,500 women in 39 countries

isahit promotes the empowerment, financial and social inclusion of its community (for more details, discover the impact report we produce every year )

  • 28,000+ hours of training provided
  • 12 skills are acquired on average per HITer
  • 97% of HITers say they have developed digital and professional skills during their time at isahit 

Isahit help: 

5% of our revenues are redistributed to accelerate social impact in 40 countries. This program focuses on three main areas: start-up support (support with administrative procedures, payment of part of the cost of the freelance certificate, sponsorship, etc.), the creation of local ambassadors and coaches (coaching on entrepreneurship, local follow-up, help with administrative procedures, live training), and digital training (integration training, professional training to prepare for the exit from isahit after two and a half years)

A caring community 

Beyond the work and training, it seemed fundamental to us to develop a community in which each HITer could help and support each other and progress. Every day, we work to make it live, through a space of exchange on social networks and events organized locally: from training to more informal meetings, with local partners and digital events.

Clients : 

Isahit is committed to respecting 5 values in the way it operates and in the different processes it uses with its clients: 

- Kindness

- Collaboration

- Transparency

- Equity

- Honesty

Isahit guarantees an internalized project management with a dedicated project team, agile and efficient tools that guarantee an optimal workflow and worforce management. 


Isahit has implemented an ethical code in which the company commits to respecting diversity within its team, promoting inclusion, education, professional training and skills development. Isahit is also committed to promoting their ideas, actions and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Furthermore, all employees have impact goals and their objectives include social and green performances.


Isahit has integrated its social mission into these bylaws and evaluates performance on social impact along with financial results. 


Isahit is financially supported by investors who are committed to and share the company's ethical code.  

Impact comity: 

Twice a year, we organize an impact committee in which we invite HITers ambassadors and HITers to review and prioritize actions on social impact.

What are isahit's goals for the future?

In order to meet the mission that isahit has set for itself: 

To offer more than 10,000 people around the world the opportunity to work and train in digital professions through our digital platform within 3 years. 

The company is currently working on the following areas: 

  • Enrich the training catalog (+ 15 new modules on entrepreneurship and soft skills)
  • Develop the foundation on 3 aspects: training, health care, administrative support
  • Create a mentoring program between HITers 
  • Establish partnerships with telecommunications companies to lower internet costs
  • Create more and more recruitment bridges between our community and our clients

What does being BCorp certified mean to us?  

Being B Corp certified is a victory but also a promise: to strengthen training and education for our community, to continue to challenge ourselves both locally and globally and, with the help of the B Corp community, to encourage and promote the Social and Solidarity Economy ecosystem.  

By being part of the isahit ecosystem, you are also part of our mission and we are excited to share this win with you today!

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