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February 21, 2020

Sodexo Ventures invests in isahit: a strategic venture for future

February 21, 2020

Over the last year, Sodexo has been collaborating with Isahit, a company that provides a socially responsible platform for data labelling and processing. Sodexo Ventures, Sodexo's strategic venture capital vehicle, has now announced an investment in the company to further strengthen this partnership.

Isahit has already proven to be a valuable partner in building Sodexo's machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. For instance, the artificial intelligence that powers Sodexo's AEYE-GO smart cashier solution requires both human and machine intelligence to identify the difference between two food items before our food recognition technology can do so on its own. Isahit helps Sodexo's Data Lab annotate data including images, sound, video and text to build quality databases to accelerate the delivery of data driven solutions.

Sodexo Ventures has also decided to invest in isahit because of their socially responsible approach. Isahit works by connecting companies with HITers - people who perform the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) that are required for many data driven projects. Their community of HITers are women entrepreneurs primarily from developing countries for whom isahit provides a professional springboard and opportunities to develop digital competencies.

"Isahit is a great partner to accelerate Sodexo's data journey," says... Belen Moscoso del PradoGroup Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Sodexo. "They provide our Data Lab with invaluable resources, and they do so in a socially responsible way, aligned with Sodexo's sustainable and inclusive business model."

This investment also resonates with Sodexo's commitment in Stop Hunger's initiatives, including acting for a hunger-free world and empowering women.

"We are proud of this partnership with Sodexo, which demonstrates the link between technology and people," says Isabelle Mashola, President and Co-Founder of isahit. "Digital can be a tremendous lever for female empowerment and it helps reduce the digital divide in emerging countries. With this partnership, isahit and Sodexo are pushing forward the Tech for Good revolution."

Source: Sodexo - News Room

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