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July 5, 2021

Innovation for inclusion: isahit x Baloon

July 5, 2021

Innovation for inclusion: isahit and Baloon

We are very pleased to share with you the story of our collaboration with Baloon, the first pan-African digital insurance broker, with whom we share the same goal: to foster digital inclusion in Africa.

What does Baloon do?

Baloon is a 100% digital, 100% dematerialised, 100% secure brokerage platform dedicated exclusively to Africa.

Thanks to digital technology, Baloon has succeeded in establishing a relationship of trust between policyholders and insurers and has created a new paradigm in insurance. Accessible to all through its simplicity, Baloon breaks down educational, social and financial barriers and, like isahit, places social impact at the heart of its business.  

What does isahit do?

Isahit is an ethical data labelling platform for AI and data processing that provides jobs for socio-economically disadvantaged women in Africa and other emerging countries.

These women, called HITers, are selected according to their life project so that this experience is a real springboard for their professional life or the pursuit of their studies. Isahit provides them with a supplementary income by guaranteeing them the equivalent of 21€/day of work, accompanies them throughout their mission and offers them free training to gain in digital and professional skills.

What is the aim of the partnership?

Isahit is supporting Baloon in one of the major innovations of their solution: the possibility of taking out insurance without entering any information, just by taking photos of the required documents. Their technology incorporates character recognition, which enables the data of the vehicle and its driver to be retrieved automatically.

Every day, Baloon receives a large amount of documents via different channels of exchange with prospects and customers (websites, whatsapp, messenger) and the company sometimes has to process and manage unreadable or unrecognised documents.

In order to solve this problem, Baloon and isahit decided to collaborate.

Indeed, in a permanent concern to improve their tool and gain productivity, Baloon has decided to outsource the analysis of illegible documents received: vehicle registration cards, driving licences, identity cards to isahit.

The idea of partnership was immediate, launched almost at the same time, our two structures have common characteristics and we had the opportunity to meet several times in events on digital in Africa.

"Isahit is the best player to support us in improving our data processing. On the one hand because of its values, which are very close to ours, and on the other hand because of its knowledge of the field. These are African women who analyse African documents. In this way we can outsource a digital task while having a social impact in line with our DNA. »  according to Bertrand Vialle, founder of Baloon.

More innovation, more inclusion

On the one hand, Baloon saves time for these sales teams and on the other hand, the human intervention that isahit offers through its solution allows them to improve the expertise of their artificial intelligence, by learning from the corrections made by the HITers. All this information allows them to optimise their algorithms and even create new rules to further increase the efficiency of their RAD/LAD.

For isahit, it is a source of pride to collaborate with an impactful startup and to accompany it in the development of its solution and to improve its AI.

Societal impact

Today, isahit employs more than 1,000 women in 23 different countries, most of which are countries where Baloon is present.
Isahit's client portfolio includes big names such as Engie, L'Oréal, Airbus, etc., but also SMEs and start-ups.

This inclusive model appealed to the Baloon team who are proud to contribute to the inclusion of these women.

A virtuous circle is being created through this partnership for a responsible, inclusive and sustainable economy. The HITers of isahit are the insured of tomorrow.

"We are delighted with this partnership with Baloon, with whom we share many common points. First of all, the African continent on which we are developing, but also similar values and objectives: the desire to place technology at the service of people and to promote digital inclusion.

Isabelle Mashola, co-founder of isahit.

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