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Isahit is one of the leading Data labeling Services for AI Applications with a strong specialisation in training AI models for the Automotive & Aerospace industries. Labeling images & videos with hight quality at scale is our goal!

Bring our AI models...

...and make your autonomous vehicles a safer place while creating a unique driving experience to your customer with high quality annotated data.

We set our priorities on quality, security and scalability to deliver a world-class annotation service. We know how important and decisive is the quality of the annotation, this is why all our human and technological resources are heading towards delivering quality data to train your ML models.

Get the most out of your data thanks to our tailored annotation service specialised in large scale projects and complex data workflows

Our data labeling service has been built around the idea of having every single component of our service easy to customise. Whether it is  about data sharing, annotation process or tool, quality control process or KPIs, we customise all the components to match your needs.

Autonomous Vehicles

Image, Video & Lidar annotations
to train ML models

cars annotated by lidar technology, used to train autonomous vehicles

Landscape Analysis

Satellite images annotation
& segmentation

Image showing aircraft annotated with bounding boxes, one of isahit's solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Images & video annotations to train ML models to recognize defaults

Annotated aircraft engine for fault recognition and predictive maintenance - isahit's solution

Leaders from the automotive industry trust us
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