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Improve, redesign, scale your operational processes with AI and bring efficiency to your business while creating a positive and innovative customer experience.

AI drives Innovation

Whether it's about optimising production line & warehouse management or improving product delivery & customer experience, AI drives Innovation but requires qualitative and massive labeled data to train machine learning algorithms.

Deployment of AI applications cannot be done without having trained algorithms using labeled data. Isahit has therefore build an end-to-end data labeling service that can address every single use-case whatever the scope of the project.

Tailored and customised tools for each needs

A Tailored made service and a customisable annotation platform to handle any data, annotation types and workflow. Automate your annotation pipeline thanks to our API and get your data labeled in real-time at scale.

Restaurant Autonomous Cash-out

Image & video annotation to detect items on meal trays

Meal trays annotated with bounding box technology - a solution from isahit

Supermarket Autonomous Cash-out

Image annotation to recognize products on shelves

woman shopping in a supermarket annotated by polygons - computer vision


Text annotation & relation to detect threats and cyber attacks

Open code page on a computer - isahit solutions detect cyber threats and cyber attacks

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