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Ecommerce and marketplace industries leverage AI to drive sales performance and increase operational efficiency. Isahit works with top performers of the market for both enhancing their AI tools and providing tailored data labeling solutions for a truly unique digital customer experience

AI will boost your e-commerce platform and ensure a competitive advantage

Data annotation for AI training is here necessary to ensure accuracy through product categorisation and an overall smooth user experience at each step of the customer journey.

High-quality annotated data are fundamental for ecommerce and marketplaces to provide a tailor-made user experience and remain an industry leader

Products sheet quality are at the core of marketplace and ecommerce platforms' strategy

Products sheet quality are at the core of marketplace and ecommerce platforms' strategy. Enriched product information and processes will ensure a unique buying experience.

There are multiple ways in which AI powered by the right data annotation will fully benefit platforms growth. Automated product classification and enriched content and attributes will increase customers interest.

Product Recommandation System

Enriching key attributes of each product to allow tailored recommendations. A thorough annotation of products will enhance cross-selling

pair of shoes annotated on an e-commerce site to facilitate the product recommendation system

Enrichment and Categorization

Clean and standardized data
is a primary concern
for ecommerce
aggregator platforms

description of a sofa on an e-commerce site as part of product enrichment and categorization

Warehouse Management

Costs of inventory and logistics will decrease with smarter stock levels and pricing

annotated warehouse cards to facilitate inventory, logistics and cost control for companies

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