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AI has a great potential for positive impact within financial services but the sensitivity of data requires them to be handled with diligence and care.

Financial services are using AI throughout the value chain, from customer management to automated operational processes.

The data flow is sensitive and complex and therefore needs to be labeled with prudence for the building of accurate AI tools.

Dedicated customer journeys are fundamental to promote customer loyalty and cross selling of products; personalised banking tools are therefore necessary. Risk assessment is also key for a clean financial system and the flow of data processed can be sensitive and confidential.

Handling sensitive and confidential data to promote transparency and efficiency within financial services

Services handling private information to build business decision are exposed to different risks which can be reduced thanks to AI solutions. In order to build the AI tools the data gathered must be annotated and labelled following strict rules


NLP for chatbots, virtual assistants, recommendations, predictive answers

Documents retranscription
KYC verification

Computer vision for reading digitalised images, copies of legal documents, ids...

and fraud detection

NLP and Computer Vision to detect fraud, fake documents...

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