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One of the most exciting industry to follow in terms of innovation as it uses AI technologies to better understand their consumers and offer tailor-made products. Whether it is about NLP or Computer vision models, you need experts to train them!

The Luxury & Cosmetics industry is bringing AI to the next level... they not only provide Business applications but also Professional Applications requiring a surgical quality of data labeling.

Labeling data for skin diagnosis, VR makeover tools and Consumption trends on social network is a tedious and complex process that Isahit handles perfectly thanks to its end-to-end labeling service that includes the annotation platform, a skilled workforce and a dedicated team of project managers.

Data Labeling experts for your professional AI models

Take the most out of our world diverse labeling workforce and get your data labeled by experts. We choose the annotators based on their Cultural, Linguistic, Academic and Professional background depending on the model you want to train and its application.

Skin diagnostic

Image & Videos annotations to detect wrinkles, eczema, mole or freckle diseases to train computer vision model

face of a man annotated by points to detect eczema, mole or freckle diseases to train computer vision model

VR makeover tools

Images annotation using segmentation and points to detect the different parts of the face.

Face of a woman annotated by segmentation, her face and hair are of different colors

Consumption trends analysis

Text annotation & classification to train social trends classifiers

positive customer review of a product annotated for customer trend analysis

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