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November 30, 2021

Partnership: Empow'Her and isahit join forces for women entrepreneurship in Abidjan

November 30, 2021

 Partnership: Empow'Her and isahit join forces for women entrepreneurship in Abidjan

Isahit has partnered with Empow'Her, an international network of organizations dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women. Since its inception, Empow'Her has been committed to a more inclusive entrepreneurship, a source of empowerment for women and a catalyst for transformation.

In order to help women entrepreneurs formalize and develop their businesses, Empow'her has developed a series of bootcamps in the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which has been joined by the HITer community of isahit. Indeed, in order to encourage and accompany them in the path of entrepreneurship, Isahit has invited its community to participate in these bootcamps.

4 bootcamps: a double training in entrepreneurship and leadership

During 4 months, from June to September 2021, on sessions of 2 to 3 days, Empow'her organized bootcamps with varied and chronological programs.

1st bootcamp: introspection, is entrepreneurship really for me?

2nd bootcamp: ideation & inspiration / get inspired and structure your idea

3rd bootcamp: study market opportunities and manage your finances

4th bootcamp: deploying your project

Emmanuelle's testimony

At the end of the bootcamps, we contacted Emanuelle, one of our HITers who participated in the bootcamps, to get her testimony. Emmanuelle's project is to open a treatment cabin to bring physical, moral and mental well being in order to allow different people (physically/motorically handicapped or partially handicapped, mentally ill,...) to have access to adapted aesthetic care, which will also help them to accept themselves in society.

At what stage of your project were you when you started the bootcamps?

When I started this series of bootcamps I still thought that my project was limited to offering services to regular people and I was at the stage of buying my work tools.

Why did you join the program?

To gain more knowledge, be competent and succeed in my project.

Which bootcamp helped you the most and why?

The introspection that allowed me to recalibrate my project.

Are there any subjects that were not discussed and that you would have liked?

For me, everything that could be discussed was.

Did you bond with the other participants?


Do you plan to see some of the participants again?

Yes, very soon we plan to organize an outing together.

What is your best memory of the bootcamps?

The lunch breaks with our different experience sharing.

Where is your project now?

After bootcamp 2 I took action, I took an apartment and I set up a care cabin that offers general services. Thanks to Isahit, I was able to buy some basic tools to practice and so I started with it.

Did your project change ?

Yes, because I changed my customer segment.

Is there anything you need for your project?

Yes, I need to obtain a certificate in psycho-socio-aesthetics in order to legally practice my profession and therefore my project.

What are your nexts steps ?

To have the necessary funds that will allow me to pay for the training in psycho-socio-aesthetics at the CNFDI (which has already validated my application) followed by a practical training in a company. And to reach this goal, I will have to increase my clientele and work twice as much on the projects that are assigned to me on the platform. The CNFDI is a private training center located in Brunoy.

We are very pleased to partner with Empow'her who shares the same values and the will to support and encourage women's empowerment! Together, let's create a virtuous circle that will multiply the impact of our community!

Isahit social impact

Since isahit's creation in 2017, we are very pleased to report the following:

+1 700 women have been supported by isahit in 4 continents and 39 countries

+ 13 000 training hours have been provided in order to bring digital and soft skills to our community

In order to stay on course and ensure the effectiveness of our actions, we have the impact generated in these communities every year since isahit's creation with an external firm specialized in social impact assessment. Discover our latest impact study.

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