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February 1, 2022

The word to our community : Tatiana from Cameroon

February 1, 2022

Discover the powerful testimony of Tatiana

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Tatiana Manguila, i'm from Cameroon and i'm currently looking for a job but i'm also an entrepreneur in the tech field.

Why did you join isahit? Is it difficult in your country to find a part-time job and finance a project or studies?

I joined isahit because after my degree I wanted to continue my studies and I wanted to finance them. I started looking for a part-time job that would allow me to finance my studies but it was not easy to find one in my country so I searched on the internet and I found Isahit which represented a good opportunity for me since I could work part-time and the hours were flexible.

What was your project when you joined isahit? Were you able to realize it?

When I joined Isahit, the project I wanted to achieve was to finance my studies and I succeeded in doing so as I now hold a master's degree in computer science and I am very grateful to Isahit for that.

What did Isahit bring you ?

Isahit gave me a certain confidence in myself, I felt useful while working at isahit and the Hiter managers motivated us and appreciated the work we did. I am usually very shy and reserved and I was able to work and talk with people from different backgrounds and participate in the community life of isahit.

Did you gain any knowledge while working at isahit, especially with managing HITers? If yes, what are they?

In terms of knowledge, I was able to discover many tools that I did not know and that I continued to use outside of work for different situations that may have presented themselves to me. Today, as a Hiters Manager, I am still learning how to manage and organize the work of others.

Which project did you enjoy working on the most and why?

The project I enjoyed the most while working at Isahit was the project to integrate books and magazines on a client's platform. This was the project I worked on the longest and I found it quite interesting to see how this website works.

Have you kept in touch with the community and are there people you write to regularly?

I kept in touch with some of the Hiters during our discussions and I could see that some of them live near me, and we talk regularly.

Is there a good memory with isahit that you would like to share with us?

The best memory I have of Isahit was the realization of the spot with Orange, I was honored to have been chosen for this presentation spot.  After that I was even recognized by some people in the street, it amused me a lot and I had the opportunity to speak about isahit to people I didn't know. I also got to meet Isabelle. It was really a great experience.

What would you say to a woman who would like to join the HITer community?

To any woman who would like to join the Hiters community, I would tell her to go ahead without hesitation, because with Isahit she will find a way to blossom and start the realization of a project that is close to her heart.

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