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February 2, 2022

The word to our community : Teresita from Philippines

February 2, 2022

Discover the funny testimony of Teresita

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is teresita subang, I come from the Philippines and I live in baguio city. Before I became a HITer, I was college instructor of BS Tourism or bachelor of science in tourism and BS HRM or hotel restaurant management. One basis why I got this job was my 8 years consecutive employment as resort / hotel advertising and sales manager under foreign investments.In covid pandemic times, I was unemployed with no source of income. Thanks to isahit, I have income to hold on to.

What is your professional project?

Tho I was unemployed, no source of income, I strived to achieve a professional project that is to finish my Master In Public Administration, thesis writing and of course graduate my masters and go back to profesora job. But still, I would want to be steadily connected to isahit.

Could you tell us what you think about Isahit and what you have learned ? 

Life itself is what I learned in isahit. A person on top of the wheel, looks like there are no more downstreams. That was me living cool and easy, nothing to worry about. But who knows covid comes to strip me off and everyone out of job, business, things like that. I got no savings because I didn’t know how to save money. Isahit taught me to save for tomorrow and have money come maybe many, more, covids. Being part of isahit, being a HITer, I learned the value of money, I learn and keep on learning how to save. In each and every taskings or task that I do, I save money in my bank account. This time, I wont withdraw all of 150euros like I used to do with my salaries as sales advertising manager etc… in isahit, I learned to save money because I learned the value of valuable money. In isahit, I learned patience, in hitting, clicking, tasking, stay for more hours tasking, if you want to achieve more money and be able to fulfill your project that is the reason to task, work with isahit. In this case being a HITer teaches me determination, determination to achieve, fulfill my project. You aim higher money for your project. and that’s good. The best part is, being a hiter, you task, you learn to work harder to earn more to achieve your project. Diligence or hardworking is a virtue. To sum it all, Isahit gives that chance, that opportunity of additional income being a hiter, one step to fulfill dreams that starts from the project with isahit. but most, isahit builds the person in you… 


How would you recommend Isahit to potential HITers?

It is not really the money, the euros but the project to finish or fulfill from where starts a dream to bring the HITer to greater heights in life, and the values to be learned like hardworking, patience, determination and all that to become what you want to be in your entire life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, back to students, profesora but still in isahit, with the worldwide isahit community, telling, helping my students to take the opportunity to become a HITer. But I first think, I would want to grow with isahit. Along the lines of isahit objectives of economic development, I would want to become an entrepreneur not only for myself but HITers in the Philippines, most of all, economically help my village, uplift the unemployed, no source of income, helpless students with poor parents unable to give comfortable student life. I know what is it to live mean, poor and I would want to share isahit as some money to hold on to, to have from out of nothing.


What do you think of the Isahit Digital Academy ? 

The truth is, I am not a genius or half wizard computer skillful. Isahit digital academy forced me to understand the digital world, research more as to what really is the internet and in the tasks of a hiter, I am understanding, digital tasks as a human intelligence task. To mention that, when I encounter technicalities within my taskings and it lowers my 100% performance, it is good for isahit seraphine to tell me on facebook, “no worries teresita.” And cool, I go on trusting isahit seraphine. 

How do you collaborate with other HITers ?

First, understand and accept who is my fellow HITer as I would want them to understand me and accept me for who and what I am. As isahit is worldwide, I would like to promote brotherhood, peace in the world because the HITers from all over the world is the world itself. Brotherhood and peace is solidarity not only in isahit world community but extended to whole of earth. Brotherhood, peace, solidarity regardless of color, religion, culture, religious and cultural ideologies and dogma.


Can you explain to us the projects you have worked on ?

My project with isahit is sponsorship and recruiting Philippine HITets ; share that opportunity to have something out of nothing, for the poor students, the unemployed, the single mothers, the helpless. Being an isahit HITer is HOPE to achieve their want and need of a project, equal to, isahit is my hope to defend my masteral thesis and graduate because I intend to save my sponsorship to pay for my defense. This is the hope that I would want potential HITer(s) to work on, task at, look forward to achieving their dream of a project. I, clea and isahit play major role in that dream or project.

It is as well my desire to have computer trained, the physically normal children of the blind and other persons with dissability (PWDs) be able to go to school and also achieve, develop their being a person, financially help parents like good food on the table.

Lastly, so many in the village and elsewhere want to become HITer but the problem is NO personal laptop or computer, internet connections is as well expensive from application, installation to monthly dues. Well I hope that the Womens’ 

Association of Baguio who were the participants to the Meeting on agenda of Isahit Philippine recruitment, will be the hands to help village mates who want to become HITers by purchase of laptops / desktops / community broadband as part of their association’s project, where, they say, the hiter(s) become like “employees to their livelihood projects.”

Even the middle class cannot afford to buy laptops / desktops. These are very expensive in this country from good P20,000, better P40,000 and best, acer @P50,000-70,000. To mention, that even my P20,0000 laptop is installment terms @50$ monthly, also my project to fully pay my laptop from my hiter’s money.


Would you like to tell something to other HITers ?

Hello HITers, love your tasks if you mean determination to achieve your project to a dream. Square deal, isahit brings you there, you do your part like 100% quality performance that is your effectivity. be there wherther in bulk or little taskings, no absenteeism, that is your efficiency to the square deal.

And, FUN. I remember messaging isahit Patrick, “I do not have data to choose my answer.” He said, “its actually first in your list.” Well, I scrolled too fast and didn’t see it because I was tasking, I was eating, munching potato chips and coke. You love your food, love your tasks too and take it cool, that’s fun.

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