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We measured our social impact🌱

November 26, 2021

Fostering social inclusion through employment and training is isahit's raison d'être.

Every day, our teams focus their efforts on providing jobs and training to communities of women around the world via our digital platform. Through financial independence and training, we help these women enter the world of work with more confidence so they can participate in the economic, social and cultural life of their country.

In order to stay on course and ensure the effectiveness of our actions, we measure the impact generated in these communities every year since isahit's creation with an external firm specialized in social impact assessment.

This month, we are very pleased to share with you the latest study, rich in testimonies and learnings, conducted by the Kimso firm.

Discover the study

The key points of this new study:

- Isahit, is a company in constant evolution which, since the last study, has implemented various solutions to increase its impact: creation of a training module, salary increase, setting up of think tanks, international development (opening of 15 new countries)
- An international community spread over 4 continents (Africa, Asia and South America) in 38 countries.
- Isahit, a company recognized by its community for its social mission that positively impacts them in different ways:

Promotes empowerment

"I know that when you have the will and the means, you can do anything. I also have more self-confidence since I am given important projects, I feel fulfilled especially since I can finance my studies by myself.
HITer from Madagascar

Brings skills

"I learned to work in a group, to collaborate, and to train because I was a sponsor. On projects, we could be the sponsor of hiteuses who didn't understand and we trained them."
HITer fromCameroon

Financial inclusion

"Isahit's income allows me to invest in my business and to make this money grow and at the end of the year to be able to pay part of my studies.
HITer from Burkina Faso

Work flexibility

"It was perfect to work part-time, so I had time to write my project, I asked for advice. And the 4 hours, you choose when you do them and that's cool anyway, it's you who sets them and you have to do everything to reach the objective."
HITer from Ivory Coast

We would like to thank our community as well as our partners and clients for following us in this beautiful human adventure for almost 5 years. It is a real teamwork that allows us, together, to promote social inclusion through work and training and to ethically combine technology with human intelligence!

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